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I’m back! After two weeks of being hiatus because of my new business venture at last I was able to find time to blog and update my page. I really miss blogging and from this day forward I’ll be bombarding your news feed with my face and I am asking for forgiveness in advance.

So here’s my first outfit post for today. An all white body con dress form Vaintage Shoppe. I know everybody is scared of wearing an all white outfit because it can easily get into disaster.

If you are wearing an all white outfit always remember that you should wear a seamless panty and boyleg shorts to avoid bulges from your clothes.

Always remember that your body should adjust to the clothes and not vice versa. Find the perfect clothes that pleases the curves of your body and to make it more feminine wear a pair of black pumps so that you’ll look more tall and demure.

Don’t forget to wear some accessories to enhance your outfit. A simple necklace and bangles will do.

Bodycon Dress & Accessories: Vaintage Shoppe

Hair and Make-up: House of Fabulosa

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